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Honoring Your Legacy

Our singular focus is performing in the best interest of your family and assets.

Who we are

We are a private, independently owned and operated trust company servicing a select group of clients with significant assets.


We'll support your whole family, for generations

After a lifetime of building, your family is so much more than your kids and grandkids. It’s your employees, your partners, your charities, and all of those who’ve been with you on this journey. We’ll help you preserve it all. Our only agenda is attending to yours.



A new approach, backed by decades of experience

For decades, our owners, board of directors, and management team have served as trustees and officers for entities owning real estate, operating companies, private equity, and other business assets. 

We are not a bank with conflicts of interest, and we are not your uncle Ralph, who’s dabbled in trusts. We are exclusively an independent, regulated fiduciary who is singularly focused on your assets and legacy.



We’re not for everyone. But we may be just right for you.

Our specialty is working with families who have professionally managed liquid assets and own large, concentrated positions and unique business assets. Our select group of clients and their trusts require a differentiated level of attention and care. 

It's your legacy.

It's ours to help preserve.

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