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Our Services

Fiduciary oversight, trust administration, next gen coaching, and estate structure and tax planning.


Creative & Thorough Trust Services

We bring flexibility, creativity, and deep expertise to each one of our clients. Our clients bring us complexity, and we love every part of it.

Fiduciary Oversight

Our fiduciary role is a commitment to excellence. As trustee, our responsibility is to uphold the trust's purpose and protect the beneficiaries' rights, always acting with the utmost integrity, loyalty, and transparency. All actions taken are in the best interest of the current and future beneficiaries. This includes avoiding any conflicts of interest. As we oversee the assets, we make informed decisions, and exercise due diligence in all fiduciary activities.

Trust Administration

We carry fiduciary responsibility for administrative duties of the trust. This includes accounting, maintenance and creation of required records, decisions regarding distributions to beneficiaries, and maintaining a thorough understanding of the term and provisions of the trust.

Next Generation Coaching

We specialize in helping enterprising families shape next-generation expectations and unite the family around common goals. We coach each family member on everything from estate plans to business assets, to legal structures to tax consequences. We provide individual lessons, host family meetings, create family constitutions, and work with sibling teams. In short, we help prepare the next generation to steward your legacy.

Estate Planning Consulting

We will work with your estate planning attorney at a strategic level, driving the process to get your estate plan optimized and executed. We’ll perform financial modeling to do impact analysis and stress test your estate plan, ensuring it will work as intended. At your direction, we will help explain the estate plan to your whole family allowing for clarity and alignment of expectations.

Entity Structure Planning

We’ll make sure your legal entities are set up in the most efficient, productive way to ensure the longevity of your assets and legacy. We have a deep knowledge of LLCs, S-Corps, trusts, and other business structures and we know how to optimize these structures to provide longevity, continuity, and efficiency.

Tax Planning

We have a deep understanding of income and estate taxes, helping you step back and see the big picture. Everything we do, every decision we make, is filtered through a “tax lens.” Taxes are always integrated into the entire plan, ensuring nothing is left to chance.

When selecting a trust company like PTC, you aren't just looking for assistance managing generational wealth - you are primarily seeking a partner in managing family legacy. Getting this choice right can have a profound impact, and the nuanced, family-first approach at PTC is the only approach I trust. There are myriad managers that can grow your family's assets and get your taxes right; but how many of them can get your legacy right? Choose PTC - choose legacy


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