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For those who’ve bet it all


Our clients

We work with a select group of clients who own significant, complex assets and concentrated business positions and professionally managed liquid assets. Because we are so selective, our team is a true partner, providing a level of detail and care you can't find anywhere else.


Our Clients are Families

We understand the complicated dynamics of a family business, particularly with ultra-high net-worth families. Succession across generations must be intentional and long-term. We think in terms of generations and work closely with each member of the family to create lasting relationships and lasting value.


Our clients own large, unique business assets

From real estate holdings, to ownership stakes in companies, our clients have more than simply cash. They have a legacy, families, employees, businesses, and more. They have a need for careful stewardship of their assets because so many depend on them. 


Our clients require specialized attention

Due to the complexity of their assets, our clients need the attention and skill of specialists who have a deep understanding of business, trusts and family continuity. A “one size fits all” approach does not work for our clients. Instead, we take a specialized approach to each client’s unique challenges and needs.

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