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Unity and Alignment for All

Pacific Trust Company helped a Seattle-based real estate investor restructure.


Why They Approached Us

A Seattle real estate investor approached Pacific Trust Company to help restructure his family's 200+ real estate entities and create a central holding company.  The family’s holdings had grown and evolved over the years and the family had evolved with them. Prior to the restructure, the family’s individual business investments were not owned in a uniform matter. For example, there was a residential income property owned by several members of the family while an agricultural property was owned solely by one family member. The family wanted to create a new structure that simplified and consolidated the family’s investment into one, unified structure.  


What We Did

We executed a complex plan to achieve equitable alignment of family interests, accommodate financial reporting clarity, business and operating efficiencies, centralize the family’s investments, provide diversification for each family member, and allowed for long-term estate planning considerations.  


  • Pacific Trust Company spent time with the family architecting the new plan and consulting with outside attorneys and tax professionals to ensure the plan was thoughtfully outlined before execution.

  • We created a thorough list of each real estate entity verifying legal names and confirming ownership details. 

  • We stress tested the plan for tax impacts.

  • We worked with third-party real estate management and appraisers to value the portfolio.

  • We worked with attorneys to ensure all legal documents were properly drafted, reviewed, and executed.

  • We worked to educate each member of the family on the impact of the reorganization. All family members agreed to convert their interest in their individual assets into shares of the new holding company.  

  • We coordinated with third-party real estate management to ensure accounting was properly recorded for the restructure.

The reorganization was executed in the desired timeline and the family agreed the new structure accomplished all objectives. Pacific Trust Company was there every step of the way to ensure it went off without a hitch.

The extremely complex restructure of our family’s real estate assets involved many layers of time-consuming processes.  With the guidance and expertise of Pacific Trust Company, and their in-depth understanding of our family, all of our goals were achieved with great satisfaction.


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