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Hello Wyoming!

By Jessica Andrews, Pacific Trust Company & Bridger Trust Company President

We are excited to announce that Pacific Trust Company is opening a sister company in Wyoming.

Bridger Trust Company has been given its Certificate of Authority from the Wyoming Division of Banking to officially operate in Wyoming.

Bridger Trust Company’s office is in Wilson, WY, near Jackson Hole and our stellar team will serve both Bridger Trust Company and Pacific Trust Company. With the opening of Bridger Trust Company, we are excited to be able to offer our clients the choice of a Wyoming or a Washington trust situs.

Wyoming has earned its reputation as one of the most progressive and favorable states to create a trust in. It offers a powerful combination of trust and LLC advantages, tax benefits, asset protection laws, business friendly regulations, fiscally sound state government, and a responsive legislature, all of which makes it one of the best trust and LLC environments in the country. At Bridger Trust Company, we are looking forward to the opportunity to provide our clients with the many benefits Wyoming has to offer.

Just like Pacific Trust Company, Bridger Trust Company will offer a full range of trust services, personal accounting services, financial consulting, and coaching for the next generation. We will work with a select group of families who own significant, complex assets and concentrated business positions. Because we are so selective, our team is a true partner, providing a level of detail and care you won’t find elsewhere.

For more information about Bridger Trust Company and the benefits of a Wyoming trust situs, please visit our website at

We are looking forward to creating deep relationships with our clients and partners in the Teton County Community!

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